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Do you wake in the morning, feeling refreshed after a sound sleep?
Are you energetic and free of pain?
Do you feel mentally and emotionally at peace?
Are you able to enjoy healthy relationships?

What changes would you make?
How do you want to improve in your health?

No matter how deep our disruptions go, or how long we have suffered, we all have the ability to work towards and achieve optimal health. I am a naturopathic family physician who will delve beneath the surface of your health challenges to seek out and treat the root cause, and in doing so, address your symptoms. As your naturopathic doctor, I will help you find realistic solutions that fit who you are and aim to prevent future illness. I will give you the space and time to express your health concerns freely. Respectively, I will be honest with you, and educate you about your illness and how you can work towards health. I will share my passion for naturopathic medicine, and encourage you to find and reach wellness through it. With the use of gentle and holistic natural treatments that are tailored to your needs, I will lead you on your journey to optimal health.

I look forward to meeting you.





Dr Krista Braun Port Moody naturopath





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