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What to expect at your first visit
Follow-up visits
Questions I would like to answer for you
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Adult initial visits will last 60 minutes and will include:

1. A warm welcome and introduction to the clinic
2. Initial review of intake forms and past labwork
3. In depth medical and lifestyle history intake
4. Review of supplements and drugs you are taking currently
5. Appropriate physical exams
6. Explanation of our analysis and course of action for your case
7. Comprehensive and individualized recommendations and treatment plan

My goals during your first visit:

1. Start to get to know you as a person
2. To learn about your health goals
3. To find out where your health fits into your daily life and responsibilities
4. To unfold the factors that are impeding you from optimal wellness
5. Begin to investigate how your symptoms fit together and their underlying cause
6. To create a partnership with you in attaining your desired health goals

Follow-up visits will usually last 30 minutes. During this visit, I will get a sense of how your health has changed, or not, since your last visit. I will get an update of your symptoms and general health status (i.e. sleep, energy, mood, cravings), as wells as perform any necessary physical exams. We will discuss how you are doing with the treatment plan; what was easy, what was too hard to do. Then you will leave with a revised treatment plan that will move you closer to better health.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Braun is not longer practicing at the Inlet Wellness Gallery and has moved locations to Serenity Health Clinic in Coquitlam as of January 2021. https://www.serenityhealthclinic.com/

Letís get started on your path to better health. Book in your first appointment today! I am seeing patients for telemedicine (video and phone) and in-person appointments.

Office Hours
Tuesday: 2:30-8:00
Wednesday: 10:00-4:00
Thursday: 10:00-4:00

Make an Appointment:

For scheduling, please try our online booking: https://serenityhealth.janeapp.com/
You can call our office at† 604-492-0815
Or if you would like to contact us via e-mail, please email:



What can I expect from a visit with you?
How will naturopathic care change my life in just one year?
Do you treat the whole family?
How is naturopathic medicine different?
Are there side effects?

A thorough and complete history intake
Space to voice your concerns
Working together to form realistic treatment plan
Practical approach to your symptoms
Absolute respect on all of YOUR health goals and choices
A high level of patient responsibility and participation
Compassionate and caring listening

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More energy
Better sleep
Better moods
Increased vitality
Decreased symptoms
You will understand the best lifestyle for you, and how it influences your daily wellbeing.
You will understand what your symptoms mean, how they relate to each other, and what they are trying to tell you.

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Yes! I am delighted to see anyone from the young to the wise!
Being a family physician that practices primary care, I can see your entire family for years to come.

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Focuses on health, not disease
It is gentle and safe
Uses the wisdom and knowledge of ancient medicine
Looks beyond your symptoms for the underlying cause
Removes chronic health issues in order to help you live your life’s purpose and do what you love doing
Can act as your primary care, but can also complement your conventional care
Your doctor is also your therapist, teacher, health coach, and cheerleader!

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Yes! Lots! Some may include:
Minimal symptoms
Good sleep, vibrant energy
Positive mental attitude towards life and health
Balanced appetite
Ability to adjust to changing life conditions
Quick adaption to stress
Absence of chronic disease
High level of fulfillment and wellbeing

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Adult Intake Form
Pediatric Intake Form (Birth to 5 Years)
Pediatric Intake Form (6 – 12 Years)

Dr Krista Braun Port Coquitlam naturopathic doctor